Hidden Built-In Wall Dinette

Mirasol Residence - Dining Room

Our client wanted a dinette in the dining room to store all her silverware and china pieces for formal gatherings. The builder had originally made a recessed area where the homeowner could place a piece of furniture in the drywalled space. The client wanted the dinette to be hidden from site and blend in with the beautiful wall work we were planning, so we decided to hide the dinette by making it blend in with the wall.

Custom Wall UnitWe fabricated the wall unit in our shop. Drawers for the silver ware were fabricated using a semi gloss maple wood. Space below the drawers was left for storage of any larger serving items. Since the client wanted the interior to be white, we used a white mica product. We didn't want any handles showing so we utilized the decorative medallion piece in the middle of our design as a sort of handle. The doors were "push to open", push to close".

The upper part of the unit would hold all the plates, cups, bowls and saucers on different shelves fabricated out of glass. We were able to tap into the existing electrical the builder had from the previous recess to supply the power for two over head lights we installed in the upper unit. The upper unit was separated into two different sections, so we placed a "can light" above each section providing plenty of light when the upper area needed to be accessed. Like the bottom doors, we use the "push to open" push to close" hardware. The exterior of the doors were then fauxed using "venetian plaster" to match the surrounding walls making the upper unit blend in perfectly.

Custom Wall Unit

The result of the hidden dinette wall unit, elaborate wainscoting and use of faux venetian plaster, created a unique highly custom dining room.

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